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Stem cells extracted from menstrual blood storage perform similarly to stem cells: Reveals a study 

A recent study revealed that menstrual blood storage is very rich source of stem cells. All the scientists around the world were overwhelmed after this research. Stem cells are known as a life saving cells. From the very past the mechanism of extraction of stem cell form embryo is regularly under conflicts due to destruction of embryo. It was recommended to prefer the usage of adult stem cells but they were not able to grow in a countless number like embryonic stem cells. . The research has provided the scientists with an easy source of stem cells.

The study has therefore revealed that menstrual blood contains the cells just like embryonic stem cells. This is the reason researchers are suggesting women to donate menstrual blood rather than discarding it. According to Dr. Indira Hinduja described how they ended up to this remarkable study. During the menstruation period women shed uterine lining and new are generated in that place. So, it was determined that if the new lining is being regenerated every month there can be possibility of stem cells presence. The main objective was to investigate whether stem cells reside there or not and if they do then of what kind.

It would have been invasive to obtain cells from endometrial lining. So, it was considered safe to examine the menstrual blood in its place. The result was there were found similar stem cells to embryo as in the preserve menstrual blood. Adding to this, Dr. Hinduja said that the menstrual blood stem cells have large number of advantages. In addition to their easy extraction these are also safe to use without any danger of rejection of the tissues.  As already explained there is no issue of ethical questions against its use like in case of embryonic cells. Furthermore these cells are easier to collect as compared to other sources such as cord blood and bone marrow. Due to their non –invasive technique they do not cause any harm and pain to the donor.

A most amazing fact about these cells is that they can be collected from the age of 12 years up to 47. The study revealed that menstrual stem cells were able to generate into different cells types such as blood vessel, brain, liver, lung, heart and pancreas. Today there have been started many programs to motivate women to store menstrual blood and donate it. Many of them provide monetary benefits. Others provide treatment to woman in case of severe disease through extraction of stem cells from the menstrual blood of the same women. Thus, today’s woman must come forward and give their vital contribution.