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Celle, a Subsidiary of Cryo-Cell Banks Menstrual Blood as a Source of Stem Cells

Cryo Cell International is well known since 1989 as a company in the forefront of umbilical cord blood banking. It formed a subsidiary in 2007, Celle, to explore possibilities of harvesting stem cells in menstrual blood. They have researched and found that stem cells from menstrual blood are similar in properties to the stem cells harvested from bone marrow and cord blood with unique markings like those of embryonic cell. Stem cells menstrual bloodorigins do not generate the controversies surrounding embryonic blood. It is easy to collect menstrual blood as a source of vital stem cells.

Stem cells from menstrual blood are just as effective as cord blood stem cells in Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, anemia, sickle cell disease, osteoarthritis and diabetes. Research has thrown promising light on the use of stem cells menstrual blood to fight heart diseases and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s.

While umbilical cord blood has been used in more than 8000 stem cell transplant operations, there are no figures available for stem cells obtained from menstrual blood being used in transplants.

In order to collect these vital stem cells, women are given menstrual blood collection kits. A silicon rubber cup is inserted into the vagina during the day when the flow is the highest. Blood collected in the cup is transferred to a bag and shipped to C’Elle for storage and future use of stem cells from menstrual blood.

Laboratory trials have already shown the beneficial effects of stem cells in menstrual blood but it is yet to gain widespread acceptance. Menstrual blood is a more robust and replenishable supply of stem cells.